Moving to another city, state or country with your pet can be hard. Pets are just like a family member and their relocation is always cause for concern. Pet travel is the process of traveling with or transporting pets. The list is huge from the paperwork to the transportation, flights and adjustments. With all this, you might also have some misconceptions about pet travel.

Top Pet Travel Misconceptions

1. Pets Travel in Similar Way as Humans:

The placing of pets in the cargo area differentiates their place. In fact this place is actually preferable in many ways. There are so many factors temperature, controlled pressure offering less commotion and confusing noise that offers a better flying experience for pets.

2. Traveling Your Pet through Direct Flight:

Many people think that a direct flight booking for traveling their pets is better than a trip with multiple stopovers. But it’s not true, with multi-leg trip your pets are able to take a break from the long journey. Though it may add few hours to your total travel time, but your pets will really enjoy the comfort during this period.

3. Pet Changes Post Traveling:

This is one of the most common misconception that everyone has. Many of you get scared that the experience of travelling will leave pets forever changed. Though your pet might seem a little dazed or dehydrated after a very long journey but after few hours they get bounce back to normal life. Pets just love to be wherever you are and when you resume your schedule after some time they also get back to their normal routine.

4. No Love & Care For Pets:

An important concern for pet travel is that the Airlines don’t seem to care about pets. For this, you need to choose a pet-friendly airline which offers the same attention to pets as to humans.

5. Pets Behaviour During Travel:

Well, you should know about what your pet would like to do during traveling.  On your pet’s behalf, you should make a right decision plan a course of action that makes logical sense. With this, you can decide whether it’s safe to relocate your pet, time and energy into crate training etc.

Tips for Pet Travel

1. Consult Your Vet: Check with your vet about pet’s fitness for travel to ensure their  health and safety. Also, make sure your pet has the necessary vaccinations.

2. Look for a Pet friendly Airline: Do proper research and choose a pet friendly airline. Make sure that the carriers are focused on providing pet-oriented services.

3. Provide Crate Training: The main goal is to keep your pet’s anxiety level to minimum during the journey. Your pets are trained well to get the comfort in their crate such as putting familiar item in crate that smells like you that helps calm nerves.

4. Offer Light Food: During the pet travel, you should be careful about pre-flight diets. Offer light food and never feed your pet close to flying time.

5. Stay Calm: Your pets can detect your vibes, so you should keep calm and try to maintain their regular schedule as possible before and after the flight.  Thus, they will cope well with the flight and adjust to their new surroundings.

6. Keep Your Pet Well Hydrated: Before travelling, make sure that your pet is hydrated well as water is extremely important.

We Know How Much Your Pets Mean to You

We at FastMovers are committed to provide professional and personalized service for your pet travel in the safest and comfortable way. Your pets will be booked and are transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft in a pet container provided by the pet owner and approved by the regulatory authorities.

We provide the easiest way possible for Pet relocation in Ireland and internationally -including pet import and export paperwork, pet relocation logistics, precautions before and on flight for pets, custom clearance, etc. We are happy to serve you for pet (dog , cat) relocation requirements at affordable rates.

Your pet’s care and comfort are important for us and at every moment we’ll treat your pet like one of our own. FastMovers have a trained staff consists of vastly experienced and animal lovers too. We make sure that the transportation is in accordance following the strict rules and regulations.


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