Planning to travel overseas carrying all your luggage is a cumbersome task. Many times your suitcase is over its allowed weight or you have exceed your baggage allowance. This  results in causing the inconvenience while travelling as well as you have to pay good amount to carry it with you.

Moreover, airlines have strict limits on the free luggage allowance and it depends on the ticket class too. If your stuff exceed the weight beyond this limit, you have to pay them extra charge for it. These charges are expensive and hence make you feel more miserable.

Although, you want to carry all your bags but thinking about the obstacles you feel helpless. Well, put your worries aside. There are companies that can help you with your extra belongings placing them safely to other location. They can take your excess baggage and transfer it to the destination at economical price.

With the service of excess baggage company you can make your move easy. They provide hassle free way to carry your luggage with safety. They will pick the extra bags from your doorstep and pack it in perfect way ensuring the safety of goods and deliver it wherever you are travelling to.

Excess Baggage Transit Modes

There are a number of ways to send excess luggage across the world. However, the choice is ultimately yours. Your selection depends on the transit mode that is decided based on the factors such as – location, allowance and necessity. These are road freight, sea freight and air freight.

Road Freight

If you want to send your baggage to another location via road freight. You can easily opt for it. It is a fast, reliable and flexible way to transport your extra luggage.

Sea Freight

Shipping your belongings is the most cost effective method to transfer your bags and baggage. Though, it is much slower way and therefore it takes much time to send goods through sea freight. It ensures the safety of your goods and hence most secure containers will be used.

Air Freight

This is one of the fastest and most convenient method to send your extra bags. It is bit expensive than the other modes, but for your urgency it is the most suited one. However, the options vary in cost and delivery time according to the chosen destination.

With these three modes, you can easily transfer your baggage safely across the country.

Fastmovers: Your Solution of Excess Baggage Problems

To ensure the safe delivery of your items on time, you can rely on FastMovers. FastMovers, in Ireland is one of the leading service provider for excess baggage services. They are members of the very prestigious GMLN – Global Movers & Logistics Network and also have access to worldwide partners at global and international airports and seaports. They help you move your extra bags, boxes and other items. They specialize in sending luggage and take care of every aspect of your move to any location worldwide. They provide the most affordable, convenient service for your excess shipping.

They provide an efficient and affordable service sending items door-to-door.

With your baggage in safe hands, you can be stress free. They supply boxes including free packing material (bubble wrap, tape).

They can arrange pick up from your home, hotel, office or any location to or from any worldwide location and thus they offer door to door services.

You can send any item without worries as they pack it with the suitable boxes and send it safely.

FastMovers Offer Helpful Services

  • Send oversize items with ease

You can find a perfect solution for dispatching your large or big baggage through fastmovers. They provide the shipping solution that suit your needs, expenses and time frame.

  • Avoid the stress of shifting your stuff

They collect and deliver the luggage from door to door and thus can arrange pick up from your home, hotel , office or apartment to or from any worldwide location.

  • Track Your Baggage Details online

They offer 24*7 online tracking facilities through which you can easily track the details of your belongings and ensure the safe delivery on time.


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